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WARREDOC signed an agreement with Delft University of Technology in the Climate-KIC program concerning the implementation of the project Polder Roof Field Lab, specifically carrying out the evaluation of suitability of the polder roofs experiments in Italy, the project monitoring, and dissemination.

The project is organised around different outupts such as:

  • Optimized Smart Flow Control
  • Evaluation of suitability of experiments in Italy
  • Installation of TU Delft field lab and 4 polder roofs in Italian cities
  • Urban farming component installation
  • Dashboard creation
  • Quantified findings and evaluation of data
  • Project monitoring, evaluation and communication
  • Polder roof demonstrator dissemination events
  • Scientific publication functioning polder roof
  • Innovative student projects

WARREDOC will take part of the evaluation of suitability of the polder roof experiments in Italy, promoting the dissemination of the project and coordinating the monitoring activities that will be also pursued by University of Cagliari, University of Palermo and Tuscia University.