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#WaterManifesto & #WaterOpenDay

Public engagement and awareness are nowadays mainly developed using social media and web-based platforms for sharing interactively information with/from users and citizens. From advanced numerical models and digital mapping platforms to widely used social networks (Facebook, Twitter and so on) the web is the virtual information platforms where experts and citizens interact. Nevertheless, there is still a barrier that separate the world of experts and decision/policy makers from the citizens and significant misfacts when discussing on water-related issues. The #WaterManifesto and #WaterOpenDay initiatives, based on workshops, courses, virtual working group sharing platforms and events for involving young students and citizens, for disseminating and simplifying the outcomes of scientific research for public engagement, active citizenship and technology transfer in the field of water and environmental sustainability.
To learn more about the #WaterManifesto and #WaterOpenDay click here.

Cultural heritage in Umbria:  a GeoJournalism experiment

This Project is an initiative started in the Spring of 2018 by an American couple from Colorado and the Water Resources Research and Documentation Center (WARREDOC) from the University for Foreigners of Perugia, to merge cultural tourism storytelling with science and innovation.

The main purpose of the blog is to customize the user journey through:

  • Effective communication skills with a smart technological twist in the blog interface
  • Creation of digital maps to build knowledge from general to scientific content
  • Development of a glossary of words to explain in an easy-friendly way the terminology
  • Integration of citizen science components and open data to create a better user experience

The goal of the Grace & Tom Blog Project is to:

  • Highlight and promote the potential for Italian tourism – in particular, for the Perugia and Umbria regions.
  • Compare and contrast the Green Heart of Italy to the Heartland of America.
  • Highlight and promote WARREDOC activities and capabilities.
  • Create written and visual components that are fun and interesting for readers.


Terra di Amatrice

Terra d’Amatrice is an initiative started in the Fall of 2018 by Associazione Terra d’Amatrice Onlus and the Water Resources Research Documentation Center (WARREDOC) to support awareness-raising campaign and promotion activities of Amatrice Region on its reconstruction efforts after recent earthquakes.

The main purpose of this project is:

  • Highlight and promote potential tourism in Amatrice, based on its landscape, environment cultural heritage and food;
  • Highlight and promote WARREDOC activities and capabilities with GIS, geo data and storytelling tools;
  • Create written and visual components to promote and support Association activities.

More information are available on this Story Map that represents a starting point of the project.