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The 3rd Digital Mapping COMPETITION awardee ceremony took place during the International Workshop “Open/Big Data & Citizen Science for Managing the Water, Food, Energy and Environment Nexus” on November 22 at UNESCO WWAP Colombella. The agenda included two high level debates on “The digital transformation and global water, food, energy and environmental challenges”, and a technical/scientific session on how to best integrate data and citizen science into existing and next generation academic and professional training, capacity development, advocacy and outreach, risk awarenesss and scientific communication, technology and knowledge transfer activities.

The 3rd Digital Mapping COMPETITION Jury selected the 2018 “Best Project” Awardees:

1st place: Alessandro Latterini, Cesare Cappannini and Marco Rapaccini “The use of water in agriculture: Land use and desertification” (storymap)
2nd place: Cristian Stortoni, Amani Abdemeziane, Alessandro Macchia, “The wine routes in Italy” (storymap)
2nd place (ex aequo): Roman Shlapak, Elisa Bordignon, Laura Amatucci and Francesco Marino “The wine routes in Italy” (storymap)
3rd place: Martina Di Palma, Florence Mouwendji Libimbi, Fabrizio Patriarca and Moussavou Seck N’deye Absa “Right to food” (storymap)
3rd place (ex aequo): Francesco Bignami, Cinzia Lanfredi Sofia and  Laura Berardi “Urban water consumption” (storymap)

The awardees presented their projects with specific regard on how to best integrate big/open data in digital maps, in particular for data analytics, production of dynamic infographics and social media content to understand human behavior as part of the real user experience on a particular location.

Congratulations also to the following participants that will receive the Digital Mapping Certificate:

Emanuele Capponi and Luca Tamburi  “Umbrian farms and urban parks in Perugia” (storymap1 and storymap2)
Arianna Sisani, Claudia Raponi, Mattia Russo and Federica D’Orta  “Production of avocado around the world” (storymap)
Christian Gardoni  “The link between water quality, war and cholera” (storymap)
Annachiara Antinelli, Beatrice Alunni and Valentina Panzone  “Water stress in Africa” (storymap)
Edoardo Pettirossi, Serena Benedetti and Stefania Ronci  “Earthquakes and active faults analysis” (storymap)

Download the official document with the Jury evaluation criteria and final results. Have a look at the entire album of the ceremony and evaluation process.

Thanks to all the 37 participants and see you next year for the 2019 edition.


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