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2017 ongoing WARREDOC projects 

UNISTRAPG is working with Regione Lazio (Dipartimento Istituzionale e Territorio) and Tiber River Basin Water Authority (Autorità di Bacino del fiume Tevere) for the development of an applied research project concerning the use of GIS and 2D hydraulic modelling for flood risk management and mapping of the Tiber river upstream of the city of Rome (Orte-Castel Giubileo domain). This funded project is current in progress and expected to be completed by the end of 2016.


Geographic Information System (GIS) and Digital Mapping represent one of the main WARREDOC technological efforts for supporting the development of research, training and dissemination activities. Since January 2016 UNISTRAPG has signed an agreement with ESRI, the world leader in GIS software and services, that provide UNISTRAPG faculties and students the access to the ESRI GIS mapping technology.

Public engagement and awareness are nowadays mainly developed using social media and web-based platforms for sharing interactively information with/from users and citizens.From advanced numerical models and digital mapping platforms to widely used social networks (facebook, twitter, ...) the web is the virtual information platforms where experts and citizens interact. Nevertheless, there is still a barrier that separate the world of experts and decision/policy makers from the citizens and significant misfacts when discussing on water-related issues. The #WaterOpenDay and #WaterManifesto initiatives, based on workshops, courses, virtual working group sharing platforms and events for involving young students and citizens, for disseminating and simplyfing the outcomes of scientific research for public engagement, activie citizenship and technology transfer in the field of water and environmental sustainability.